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    Taylor Swift is ‘Anna’ Lexie’s roommate on Saturday Night Live (07/11/09)

    That’s Becky having a freakout from weed

    Poor Becky


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  3. waiting for iHeart to begin and Taylor to slay like


  4. taylorsvift:

    can we have a moment for taylor’s hair at the iheartradio music fest


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  5. likeevers:

    listening to the remixed version of Love Story


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  7. "One day, I’ll remember looking out into oceans of people and thinking, This is the best moment of my life." - taylorswift

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  8. negritaaa:

    TSA: are u carrying any firearms or explosives?

    Me: *points to crotch* u mean this bomb pussy?

    TSA: why do u always do this?

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    taylorswift performing “22” at iheartradio music festival 2014

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    1. taylor swift: *opens the iheartradio music festival*
    2. taylor swift: *goes on tumblr right after*